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We've interviewed a number of musicians on Teen Jazz and they've offered a ton of great tips for the aspiring musician.
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Advice for Up and Coming Musicians from Established Music Professionals

Since 2004 we've interviewed a number of musicians on Teen Jazz and they've offered a ton of great tips for the aspiring musician on everything from practice to having the right mentality and approach to a career in the entertainment industry.

Many of the tips offered in this book can be found in the various interviews around the Teen Jazz site - and we encourage you to read them - but we've also decided to put them together as a free guide for those who sign up for our mailing list. The guide includes advice from

  •   Greg Adams - former Tower of Power trumpet player, composer, and smooth jazz artist.
  •   Carol Kaye - bassist with the Wrecking Crew and legendary recording artist.
  •   U-Nam - chart topping guitarist, producer and composer.
  •   Mindi Abair - saxophonist who has toured with Aerosmith, performed on American Idol and more.
  •   Phil Sobel - world renowned educator and saxophonist.
  •   Ronny Jordan - innovative guitarist, performing artist, and sideman.

Practice Tips

Why practicing is important and advice on what to practice to get the most out of your practice sessions.

The Importance of a Good Teacher

Studying with the right people can really make a difference in your playing and your development as a performer. Find out why.

The Right Mentality

Music is a tough business which is why it's essential to approach it with the right mindset.

Advice for Up and Coming Musicians | Teen Jazz


When things get tough, find the inspiration to get through that feeling and reignite your love of music.

Business Stuff

Get tips on running your music business, marketing, networking, getting gigs and more.

Music Entrepreneurship

Thinking about starting your own music business? Here's a collection of advice from various music entrepreneurs.

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A Few Passages from the Book
  • U-Nam "No matter what your goals you have or what you are trying to achieve or do, always be honest and true to yourself. Make sure that whatever you do, you always do it with passion and from your heart. Music is all about emotion and what you are sharing with the audience, so always let your emotions speak when you play regardless of whether it’s something slow or fast." - U-Nam -
  • Steve Cole "If you hear music in your head and you want to really express yourself, then you need the tools to do that. If you don't have the technique that's necessary to portray music the way that you want to, then you're holding yourself back." - Steve Cole -
  • Greg Adams "99‰ of kids are not going to choose music as a vocation, but there will always be something that you take away from your music experience." - Greg Adams -

Meet the Author

Saxophonist and Teen Jazz Founder/Host, Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy


Saxophonist, Flute Player, Singer-Songwriter, Teen Jazz Founder and Host

Shannon Kennedy, Author of "Advice for Up and Coming Musicians"

Creating an accomplished reputation in an ever-expanding array of musical genres, Shannon Kennedy is recognized as an extraordinarily multi-faceted artist, composer, producer, performer, and recording artist.

Primarily recognized as a ‘powerhouse saxophonist’ throughout Southern California, Kennedy made her international debut performing on the 2007 Smooth Jazz Cruise with some of smooth jazz’s best-known performers – Brian Culberston, Craig Chaquico, Boney James, Candy Dulfer, Nick Colionne, and Michael Lington. Since she has toured and performed with 10,000 Maniacs, Peter White, U-Nam and has made an appearance on the television series America’s Got Talent.

Additionally, Kennedy has produced and recorded several solo projects and she is excited to announce the release of her fifth full album, Behind Your Eyes. Most recently, Shannon has joined guitarist U-Nam to form the smooth jazz supergroup Nivo Deux with the release of their duet single "Love's No Distance."

Shannon currently endorses Rico Reeds, BG France, Brancher Mouthpieces, Beechler Mouthpieces, Rheuben Allen, Vibrato Saxophones, and Kenkase Reed Cases.

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